flourish & fragile

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The inspiration behind this shoot came from the beautiful venue setting and all of the talent working on two words to direct their creativity; flourish & fragile. From the floral design, make-up & hair right down to the beautiful paperie, each designer worked from these two basic concepts and the gorgeous Fulham Palace setting to build something simple, elegant and timeless as well as connect the design of the wedding to it’s surroundings and emphasise the beauty of the venue.

Flourish : for movement, freedom, curves, air in space.
Fragile : delicate, breakable, embellishment, precious

Our story begins with the Bride getting ready in one of the beautiful drawing rooms at the Palace. She’s delicately attired in a hand embroidered kimono by Daisy Sheldon Embroidery to make her feel elegant whilst getting ready. As the start of the day she decides to take a moment to visit the Chapel for a morning prayer before the wedding ceremony. A beautiful space she can have a moment to herself, away from the chaos and reflect on the joy of the day ahead.