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Are you feeling a little lost in a loud social media storm?

Want to create a consistent brand vision but not sure where to start?

Do you want to use Instagram with intention and have a succinct course to work through?

then read on…


O N L I N E  C O U R S E

t h e  s t u d y  o f  s t y l i n g  y o u r  b r a n d ‘ s  v o i c e 


AN online course I’VE WRITTEN FOR YOU TO GROW your visual brand


This course focuses on your brand, discovering your brand’s story and giving you real skills in creating content, pushing you through exercises to delve deep and finally encouraging you to feel confident and wiser on where you envision your brand going.

1 0  C H A P T E R S

    • F u l l  p r i n t a b l e  P D F  W o r k b o o k

    • W o r k s h e e t s

    • L i v e  Q & A  W e b i n a r  &  M o r e


A V A I L A B L E  F O R  I M M E D I A T E  D O W N L O A D  N O W !

Price : £105

What is included

      • Printable PDF workbook with over 100 pages of content, case studies, in depth exercises,

      • content styling, visual board design & so much more!

      • Video tutorial on editing phone imagery

      • Access to a live private community Facebook group with continued support, webinars and discussions

      • Follow up to Q&A live webinar with Sundari to answer any of your questions

      • websitesidecollage

The intention behind this course


I wanted to bring my in-person workshops to my extended creative solo-entrepreneur community and go beyond the simple skills for styling your instagram but building the strong foundation of your work whilst giving you freedom to learn slowly from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

Beginning as an extension of my in-person instagram workshops, as I wrote this course began to grow and grow beyond anything I could have dreamt and gives you far more understanding of yourself, in depth look into my own journey and an honest look into how I achieved my success. I have always believed so strongly in having a clear and consistent visual brand, it has led me to my own huge growth as a stylist, writer, mentor and I knew I had so much to share that goes beyond what I could teach in my 5 hour workshops.

This course has been built over months and months and I have honestly poured everything I have learnt into this to help you succeed.

The outline


This e-course has been built to encourage, inspire and get YOU into creatively thinking about your small business’s identity visually across the board from your social media pages – particularly instagram – and beyond to your website and work.

Broken down into 3 sections and further into 10 chapters, it will guide you through beginning to pick apart your brand and your unique story, introducing you to how to use instagram to your strength, showing you examples to learn and grow from, creating your own visual content, analysing branding, building a positive mindset so you feel encouraged not scared and finally growing your brand’s presence and putting everything you’ve learned into action on a daily basis.


What you’ll learn

To reflect.

Tapping into the origin of your brand, building your confidence and understanding your own true unique style, direction, values, setting a positive mindset, reading through my own business timeless, breaking down the stages of how I grew my business and finally case studies on how others have strengthened their brand through Instagram & across all their other platforms

TO create.

The facts about Instagram, breaking down your Instagram profile & grid, etiquette, IG stories, IG stats, debunking perfection pressure, creating your own content, my how-to flat lay styling tips, editing your imagery to a high quality, wording content, getting a visual plan in place, styled shoots, creating a simple brand mood-board, connecting with your followers in an intentional way.

To grow.

Building your work into your everyday routine, pursuing your future, managing your goals & continuing to add to and grow your brand. Worksheets & templates to empower your day to day plans from everything you have learned in the course

Want in?

A V A I L A B L E  N O W  F O R  I M M E D I A T E  D O W N L O A D

Price : £105





3 videos showing you a step by step look at how Sundari edits her imagery using VSCO & Afterlight



  • “My dream is that this course becomes your study book to work through at a slow and steady pace, artfully composing your brand’s voice then at the end you’ll ready to take action & launch you and your brand into a new refreshed direction”


About the author


Sundari is known for her intentional and thoughtful event design, her warm, chatty personality along with her Instagram presence. Based in South Buckinghamshire with her husband, Andrew and their cat, Dory, she offers her services to wedding clients working across the country and Europe. Having begun her business back in March 2013 she has grown it beyond it’s humble styling beginnings into a brand that inspires, mentors and invests in other small businesses. She has spoken at multiple events and runs her own sell-out Instagram styling workshops. Her approach to teaching is to encourage and unite the community, so hopes with this course she can do just that with what she has learned from the start of her business.

Her work has been featured in You & Your Wedding, Rue Magazine, Rock My Wedding to name a few.

Emma of E Pilkington Photography


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sundari’s invaluable knowledge on this course – I’ve learnt so much from her about developing my own brand from just spending time with her on shoots, so I know this course will be a great starter for any creative business to create a stronger and cohesive brand identity. Every project receives Sundari’s full attention, love and passion, as if it was her own wedding. Her eye for detail and love of creating beauty shines through in all her work. Her personal touch and enthusiasm for putting together elegant weddings is obvious as soon as you meet her. Working with Sundari feels like coming home – she creates memories of your senses and feelings, interpreting these into an event that is truly personal. She creates in a way that most of us can only dream of, and can make your vision a reality. Her eye for colour, texture and encapsulating emotion in her work is in abundance on every project. “

Lisa of Paperknots


“Well it will come as no surprise that I met Sundari through Instagram. I was instantly attracted to her stylish account and drawn in further by her thoughts and musings accompanying each post. Sundari’s personality shines through her feed and after drooling over her work for many months it was a pleasure to finally get the chance to work with her (and discover in person that she was the positive ball of energy I had always imagined!). Since then, we’ve worked on various other projects, including the most important one of all – my wedding! I trust her like no other, not only because her work is effortlessly stylish and authentic, but also because she listens to what you want to achieve for your brand (or wedding). She encourages you to step back and evaluate what you really want your style/message to be, so that it is consistently cohesive, to create a brand that is truly you.”

Andri of Always Andri Wedding Design

If you’re looking to build an authentic brand that shows the world who you truly are then there really is no better guide, then Sundari. Having watched her share her journey from sparkly confetti girl to refined wedding stylist with such honesty and grace I know her course will lead you on a voyage of discovery that will help you build a brand that truly resonates with your ideal clients.

Tanya of Bureau Design


More than anyone I’ve ever met Sundari has an energy and positiveness that radiates from her, and its infectious! You’ll come away feeling inspired, focused, and full of ideas on how to transform your IG feed and develop your brands’ visual language beyond.
Highly recommended, and my followers have Sundari to thank!

Sarah of Floribunda Rose


“I couldn’t recommend a course with Sundari more – her knowledge is worth every penny. I actually learned far more about myself and my business than just how to style a flat lay. I actually created a brand new account after the course and started again – this time with a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve.”

Nira of Beautifully Lost Studio


“Sundari has been an amazing mentor to me from starting my business this year. Her mentorship and everything she has taught me has played such an important part in me launching and growing my business and the workshop I attended earlier this year was incredibly inspiring.”




Q 1. Who is Reflect. Create. Grow for?

This course has been written for the creative small business in mind. It speaks directly to the owner/creater and all the exercises are specifically tailored towards that.

Q 2. Do you offer payment plans?

Unfortunately we don’t as full payment is required to secure.

Q3. I have purchased the the course, what can I expect now?

The course is available for immediate download. you should receive a receipt email with your two exclusive downloads. If there are any issues please do email us on

Q4. What will I be sent?

You can expect a PDF download of the course plus a document with all the specific links to any further resources as well as within the email any passwords or instructions.

Q5. Can I share the course with a friend?

Unfortunately not, the documents will be privacy protected with a tracking ID to ensure the course isn’t replicated nor passed onto users whom haven’t purchased it. However if you’d like to share payment with a friend then please do so, though it might be tricky as there will only be one exclusive PDF download per purchase.

Q6. Can I print the course out?

Yes! Please do, this is one of the first instructions you’ll receive when the course is sent out to you. It is seriously encouraged you print out and scribble all over this course so you get the most out of the learning.

Q7. How long will the course take me?

This is totally upto you. It could take you a few days to a month. It’s something to take at your own pace however we do encourage that you work through it on a routine-like basis to ensure all the information and work you do stays fresh in your mind as you work through each chapter.


If you’re not sure if this course is the right one for you then please drop us an email on We’d be more than happy to discuss the course with you and make sure that this investment is the right one for you