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Photography by Dominique Bader

The moment I realised I loved teaching was the minute I began speaking at my very first Instashoot workshop at Tanya’s Cafe in London. I had a small group of 9 small businesses from all walks of life sit around a table together, amongst gorgeous flowers, their flower cat ears in place all ready to work through the exercise book I’d poured all of my learnings into. That adrenaline kicked in and I felt energised and joyful discussing Instagram with these peers and inspiring women sat around me.


Photography by Natasha Hurley

After a year of successful workshops I began receiving emails on how other solo-preneurs were too far to attend and sad to miss out on the in-person teachings. I didn’t initially consider writing an online course because of the beauty of in-person teaching, I’m a sponge, i love to soak up energy and talk to my students. I wanted to hear their stories, talk through their struggles and truly connect with them however my writing bug got the better of me this year and I decided to try my hand at writing some of what I taught.

Photography by Cecelina Photography

I did worry that if I wrote an online course it would eliminate the beauty of my in-person workshops but over time as my workshops have developed I’ve realised they, too, have become more than there were originally set out to do. At my latest one at Millbridge Court, I made the decision that all future workshops will only have a maximum of 6 students, reducing from my original class size of 10. The reason behind that is to get more talking happen, get more community spirit building and so I have even MORE time individually with each student rather than darting around at the end to try and have in-depth conversations with everyone.

Photography by Gyan Gurang | Floral design by Floribunda Rose

At my workshops, I made friends, I cried and I spoke so honestly about my own growth that the room felt like a space of friends rather than industry peers. I am so honoured to have taught intimately over 40 students since beginning the workshops and hope to continue to do so many more, however I’m hoping that this online course is going to offer up the same warmth that my in-person students receive. I truly spoke from the heart in this course.

Photography by Xander & Thea

One thing you may have already figured out about me, I absolutely adore writing. From instagram to fictional stories, I have such a passion for putting pen to paper (or finger tips to screen) and scribbling away all my thoughts, words and dreams. Whilst I’m not the best at language and I make a whole load of spelling errors, I adore this way of communicating with my audience and even in my workshops. That is how I developed the Instashoot Workbook.

Photography by Gyan Gurang

When I began to write my teachings for this online course, the words seemed to just happen, whilst I had a stressful time figuring out the entire structure (I’m a perfectionist and want everything completed yesterday), I soon began to feel that this course was much more than just Instagram styling but a story of my businesses growth, how I gained my following, how I grew my client book, why I did what I did back then and where work takes me now. Never had I looked at my timeline of my story before but I’ve put it out there for you in this course, so you can literally see, step by step, how I came to where I am now.

Whilst I’m no millionaire (and have no ambition to be) I am the happiest I have ever been when I first decided after university that I wanted to work within weddings. I found my calling finally and found my voice.

Now, let me do the same for you. I’d love you to read more about the course, what is included and all the details you’ll want to know.

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