– the next chapter –

WS-0117I’d firstly like to wish you a warm welcome and thank you so much for visiting my gorgeous new website. I’m so glad you are able to join the start of this new journey with me within a place that finally represents the work and ethos of this brand. It has grown so much from where it began but I finally feel it has found it’s step and is now leaping into the place it was always meant to be. This change in branding and new website has been in the workings for months and I’ve been working incredibly hard on how to present the ethos of this business along with it’s tangible beauty.

The trigger of this growth was from my glorious clients that you see adorning these pages. Since the beginning of The Wedding Stylist, I have worked for the most heart-warming and caring of couples who I have thoroughly enjoyed designing for. So this website, I dedicate to them, to my past, present and future couples. You are the life source of this business and your love stories are the reason why my work exists.

I want to start off by thanking the talent that made this possible. Sally & Chris of La Happy. They spent a ridiculous amount of time and love creating this beautiful platform and look where you’ll now get to enjoy. From the start, Sally felt like a long lost friend across the ocean and I’m absolutely blessed to have them both on my side for this new beginning. It feels like they’ve breathed a fresh breath of air into the life of this business and helped it come to life.

There are so many beautiful elements to this simple website. So, I encourage you to take a look around, get to know the new layout, fall in love with the beautiful photography and lose yourself in the beauty. Make sure you stay tuned as I hope to post regular updates with behind the scenes insight along with more beauty & styling..

With love,


– curated & detailed –


All of the work I do could not be possible without the talented others I get to work with. On this website, you are spoilt with the beautiful weddings, talented suppliers & outrageously loving weddings.

I’d like to share with you this beautiful shoot in collaboration with two Dominique Bader & Floribunda Rose. It was a beautiful day of learning and teaching each other as well as deepening our friendship and nurturing our creativity. My perfect recipe for a dream wedding team would be spending a considerable amount of thought in picking your photographer, florist, venue & planner or stylist. These are the four pillars of a sensational wedding to me


dominiquebaderphotography4WS-0035 dominiquebaderphotography5 dominiquebaderphotography6 WS-0083dominiquebaderphotography2WS-0177WS-0132

– photography –

From my website you can see the style of photography my clients gravitate towards. Light, airy, romantic and artistic. Today’s post is to celebrate my collaboration with one of my favourite photographers in the UK, Dominique Bader. Also the talented women I have booked for my own wedding this May, which you can read about here on Rock My Wedding and the plans so far.

Dominique is one of kindest souls I’ve ever met, she has grown into a fast and very important friend to me. I have so much admiration for her art work and consider her photographs just that. Beautifully composed art. Each image in this post was lovingly captured by her as well as many across my website.

The more I work with Dominique, the more fascination I have with her connection to her work. She believes in marriage, love and deep connections and this is clearly presented in the many weddings, engagements and special moments she has captured throughout her career. Also what is apparent is her talent in capturing real emotion and heart tingling moments in time.

I am simply so honoured to work with her, recommend her and call her my friend.

– floristry –

The reason this impromptu came about was a day scheduled in my diary to learn from Sarah.

I adore passionate florists, I adore creative florists and Sarah of Floribunda Rose is someone I have worked with from the beginning of my business and is just that. She’s enigmatic and honestly lights up any room she enters. Her work is beautiful tangible and simply exquisite, I dream to be able to have half of the talent in her hands for florals.

Her understanding and natural flare with florals can create something out of a dream. From a few simple works, Sarah understands my vision immediately and what I love most, is her passion for using foraged and British grown flowers.

  • – celebration of love –
  • The thing I love most about weddings is how personal they can be and how the simple combination of a few elements and people can . This event to me is about the celebration of love and how it is has conquered everything else in the world to bring together two people wanting to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. How beautiful is that? As a stylist, I love to design moments for the guests and yourselves on the wedding day. Whether it be a knock out cake and dessert display or an intricate set up for your table plan surrounded by candles and beautiful floristry.

Images all captured by Dominique Bader

– amy & sam love letter –


“Let’s get married in 4 months! One of the most exciting decisions my husband and I have ever made. And in that moment of elation it seemed like a simple enough task. After all for a small wedding what was there to organise? A venue, catering, some music – how difficult could that really be!?

You may not be surprised to hear that it did not take long to realise how difficult it really is to plan a wedding! We had the usual obstacles faced by many; venues we really wanted were fully booked, caterers were sending eye watering costs and most vendors seemed to have their own idea of what our day should entail. We felt discouraged that we would not only blow our budget but also end up with a day that was quite far from what we had imagined. Most importantly what was meant to have been a beautiful and fun process had become stressful and tedious.

At that point we decided to seek help from an industry professional. We called a few wedding planners in London, all of whom turned down our business (mostly because we couldn’t afford them), however one reputable wedding planner suggested that we did not actually need a planner but in fact needed the help of a stylist and introduced me to the Wedding Stylist. This is how Sundari came into our lives like the wedding angel that she is.

From the moment we met Sundari she was like a dream in comparison to all other wedding vendors we had met. She re-assured us that everything was achievable, she was fun to talk to, a joy to work with and an experienced professional in the wedding industry. Sundari listened attentively to what we wanted and she quickly got to know how we are as a couple. She used this knowledge to then suggest ideas that fit with our vision and our personalities perfectly. Sundari understood the look and feel we wanted for our wedding, she embraced it and used her extensive creative skills to style our day. Sundari was also respectful of our budget finding ways to style our wedding so that it was beautiful without testing the limits of what we could afford. All of our decoration pieces were hand crafted by Sundari and we were able to keep them after the wedding as mementos.

Sundari’s support didn’t stop at designing and making beautiful items to place in the wedding venue. She also brought with her an extensive network of wedding suppliers who are just like her. Professional, personable, down to earth, and creative – a long list of suppliers who respect and enjoy working with Sundari. Selecting the remaining vendors for our day became very easy with Sundari’s suggestions, and she worked closely with all of our suppliers to ensure that they were aligned to the style she had designed for our wedding. On the wedding day, Sundari came along and made sure that everything was set up just as we had agreed – working around a very strict two hour set up and one hour clear up schedule that had been set by our venue.

You may be wondering if you need a Wedding Stylist. Perhaps you’re unsure whether the Wedding Stylist is the right fit. I cannot recommend The Wedding Stylist enough. Sundari will be the one supplier you select who will actually listen to what you want for your big day and help you realise that vision. We have had no end of compliments on our wedding style and decorations. Everything looked stunning, really surpassing our expectations. By the time our wedding came around Sundari was a close friend and we looked forward to our phonecalls and meetings with her. We ended up with the wedding that we had dreamt of, within the budget we had set. All of this was possible thanks to the help of the Wedding Stylist.

Amy and Sam”