– married –

AS-0118So, a few of you may know that my man and I got hitched and whilst it was the most incredibly beautiful and meticulously planned weekend for all our friends and family to enjoy – after the video and photographs landed in our inbox, I now find myself thinking long and hard about marriage.

3 months in, and we’ve still not fallen into a routine, but i’ve spent a considerable amount of time speaking with my clients for 2017 and going in-depth into their relationships and understanding why they love one another to begin the design process. These are some of my most valued conversations with my couples as it gives me such a warm feeling knowing i’m designing for something ultimately so beautiful and meaningful for those two humans whom have chosen to make the ultimate commitment and invite me in on such an important and meaningful time in their lives.

AS-0019These chats made me look hard at my own relationship and in the times of deep stress, moving house, wedding season and job changes Andy and I have let things slip a lot. Whilst we celebrate being married as well as being new home owners, we’ve undoubtably done (and maybe) taken on SO much since becoming Mr & Mrs. We are happy in ourselves but we haven’t invested into each other like we should have being a newly married couple. We have let some of those stressful changes take control and instead of having the calm and clear chats like we normally would, we’ve had talks where we’ve been clouded by anxiety and then tensions just get the better of us.

AS-0039I have to say, moving house has definitely been far more stressful than wedding planning however, getting married is one of the most wonderful things we have ever done and realising how much we’ve let slip made me feel quite sad. I guess it could be a normal story, I’m sure many married couples will have experienced this at some point and something I do know is after such an emotional time in your life, sometimes it’s hard to get back into a normal footing. It’s easy to let sleep the gratitude and appreciation you have for your partner. It has been way too easy to allow our effort and time to be taken up by moments of “other stuff”

We both realised how tough we’ve been on each other and recognising this we’re now committed in getting back fully to “us”, starting with little moments of appreciation. We’re going to the movies tonight and getting some bog-standard quality time in.

Looking back at these pre-wedding photographs by Dominique Bader, it fills my heart so much. I love Andy, and I love him more now as my husband and especially since we’ve begun to carve our very own lives with this beautiful new home and little moggie.


AS-0158Marriage is one of the most incredible wonders of the world. It’s why I do what I do, I didn’t start my wedding styling as a hobby, this is integral to my being. As I keep saying, I am a firm believer of LOVE. It’s what drives my life and work, it’s why I wake up everyday and work on creating beautiful weddings for my couples. It’s why I spend hours designing and creating but whilst this is my work, and I feel an expert in what I do, I’m extremely humbled to know that my work can and does teach me often.

My couples have made me look at my own life and remember that I have something so important to treasure and feel proud of. Without Andy, my business wouldn’t be what it is. Without his support, it probably wouldn’t have even started. So here’s to love, the bringer of light and the maker of miracles.


Nunc Scio Quid Sit Amor


Photography By Dominique Bader

Calligraphy By Gemma Milly