– the next chapter –

WS-0117I’d firstly like to wish you a warm welcome and thank you so much for visiting my gorgeous new website. I’m so glad you are able to join the start of this new journey with me within a place that finally represents the work and ethos of this brand. It has grown so much from where it began but I finally feel it has found it’s step and is now leaping into the place it was always meant to be. This change in branding and new website has been in the workings for months and I’ve been working incredibly hard on how to present the ethos of this business along with it’s tangible beauty.

The trigger of this growth was from my glorious clients that you see adorning these pages. Since the beginning of The Wedding Stylist, I have worked for the most heart-warming and caring of couples who I have thoroughly enjoyed designing for. So this website, I dedicate to them, to my past, present and future couples. You are the life source of this business and your love stories are the reason why my work exists.

I want to start off by thanking the talent that made this possible. Sally & Chris of La Happy. They spent a ridiculous amount of time and love creating this beautiful platform and look where you’ll now get to enjoy. From the start, Sally felt like a long lost friend across the ocean and I’m absolutely blessed to have them both on my side for this new beginning. It feels like they’ve breathed a fresh breath of air into the life of this business and helped it come to life.

There are so many beautiful elements to this simple website. So, I encourage you to take a look around, get to know the new layout, fall in love with the beautiful photography and lose yourself in the beauty. Make sure you stay tuned as I hope to post regular updates with behind the scenes insight along with more beauty & styling..

With love,