– jo flowers one to one –

I’ve always had a great admiration for exceptionally wild, wonderful and British floral design. I offer such intimate advice on the style of my couples day, I wanted to work with one of my favourite designers to understand movement and design much deeper. So, of course, I signed up for a one to one with Jo Flowers who’s gorgeous gardens and studio are based in Norfolk.

Little did I know how changed I would be afterwards. It was an awe-inspiring day and I never felt so welcomed to a workshop than I did with Jo. With tours of her flower growing gardens, meeting her ducks, chickens and rabbits alike as well as gorging on a delicious lunch – i couldn’t have felt more creatively inspired. Her studio is enviously stunning and the flowers we worked with were from my dreams.

It was such an intimate experience for that I felt I had made a true friend and mentor. You can see from the images by Jo Millington just how joyous the day was. I cried a few times at how lucky and inspired I felt. Take a peek at my day below as well as the creation I got to make and have captured along with a peaceful moment with Jo creating buttonholes for a mini styling session. I have since been able to spend more time with Jo and watch her love and passion for her very own wedding clients and again, am astounded at her talent and humbleness. gosh she’s incredible!

I dream of offering floral design for smaller events such as workshops and dinner parties… but i’ll continue to grow my own style which you’ll be able to see over on my instagram page and in the mean time hope to continue working with Jo for my wedding clients and if she ever needs some eager hands (or someone sobbing in the corner at how excited they are to be working with her) i’ll be there for her in a snap!

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Photography | Joanna Millington

Floral course | Jo Flowers