Image by Emma Pilkington Photography

I wanted to have a different conversation today. I opened this website back in January of this year and I have yet to keep up on my blog; a place where I originally wanted to keep an on-going conversation with you all. I wanted it to be a place for the everyday acts, personal musings along with some thoughts on business growth.

I need to move forward with more intention for this space so I can use my voice to discuss goals, struggles and fleeting thoughts as a business owner and wife.

So, today I begin with a goal. My intention word that I took a while to figure out for my current day to day work and life. “Focus”

I have been trying to live this goal for the past few weeks and the lists stuck up on my wall will tell you the same. Instead of just setting yourself a goal, why not try to act on it each and every day? I often give myself tasks, dreams and goals without thinking hard enough on what exactly I’m serving myself, disappointment. By constantly setting goals and thinking about the future I haven’t been in the present and this was highlighted to me at a equine therapy session whilst on honeymoon. If I’m in the present, I’ll let my own mind guide me to create the work and content that I hoped to share.

A short musing today, but hope you’ll stay tuned to read more as I try to fill these pages with more.

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