– curated & detailed –


All of the work I do could not be possible without the talented others I get to work with. On this website, you are spoilt with the beautiful weddings, talented suppliers & outrageously loving weddings.

I’d like to share with you this beautiful shoot in collaboration with two Dominique Bader & Floribunda Rose. It was a beautiful day of learning and teaching each other as well as deepening our friendship and nurturing our creativity. My perfect recipe for a dream wedding team would be spending a considerable amount of thought in picking your photographer, florist, venue & planner or stylist. These are the four pillars of a sensational wedding to me


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– photography –

From my website you can see the style of photography my clients gravitate towards. Light, airy, romantic and artistic. Today’s post is to celebrate my collaboration with one of my favourite photographers in the UK, Dominique Bader. Also the talented women I have booked for my own wedding this May, which you can read about here on Rock My Wedding and the plans so far.

Dominique is one of kindest souls I’ve ever met, she has grown into a fast and very important friend to me. I have so much admiration for her art work and consider her photographs just that. Beautifully composed art. Each image in this post was lovingly captured by her as well as many across my website.

The more I work with Dominique, the more fascination I have with her connection to her work. She believes in marriage, love and deep connections and this is clearly presented in the many weddings, engagements and special moments she has captured throughout her career. Also what is apparent is her talent in capturing real emotion and heart tingling moments in time.

I am simply so honoured to work with her, recommend her and call her my friend.

– floristry –

The reason this impromptu came about was a day scheduled in my diary to learn from Sarah.

I adore passionate florists, I adore creative florists and Sarah of Floribunda Rose is someone I have worked with from the beginning of my business and is just that. She’s enigmatic and honestly lights up any room she enters. Her work is beautiful tangible and simply exquisite, I dream to be able to have half of the talent in her hands for florals.

Her understanding and natural flare with florals can create something out of a dream. From a few simple works, Sarah understands my vision immediately and what I love most, is her passion for using foraged and British grown flowers.

  • – celebration of love –
  • The thing I love most about weddings is how personal they can be and how the simple combination of a few elements and people can . This event to me is about the celebration of love and how it is has conquered everything else in the world to bring together two people wanting to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. How beautiful is that? As a stylist, I love to design moments for the guests and yourselves on the wedding day. Whether it be a knock out cake and dessert display or an intricate set up for your table plan surrounded by candles and beautiful floristry.

Images all captured by Dominique Bader